Bio Agave is dedicated to offering the best sustainable solutions to the hospitality industry. We want to curb plastic pollution and global warming by maximizing the use of natural resources.

Service industries are becoming aware of the issues that plastic is causing. Turning to greener solutions doesn’t mean you have to compromise on price, quality, or appearance. Bio Agave products have a texture similar to plastic straws without impacting the environment.

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By using agro-industrial waste from tequila and agave, we are solving two problems. Not only do our products reduce the residual materials of agave production, but it also helps in the battle against plastic. Bio Agave products support local Mexican farmers and the hospitality industry alike.

Help us rid the world of plastic and redefine the hospitality industry, straw by straw!



Paper straws were the first alternative that appeared but they have multiple downsides. Not only are they not reusable but they also dissolve quickly leaving bits in the mouth and drink.

Corn plastic straws are made from natural resources but they can’t just be thrown away or recycled. Their cost is several times greater than that of plastic and they aren’t as durable.

Metal straws are reusable and dishwasher safe but they can damage the mouth and teeth. Since metal conducts heat they shouldn’t be used for hot beverages.

Glass straws are prone to breaking which doesn’t justify their exorbitant prices. Given that they are not heat resistant, they are not as durable as other alternatives.

Bio Agave straws combine the best features a straw can offer. Since they are made from natural resources, our straws are biodegradable and recyclable. You don’t have to sacrifice quality, as they are reusable, easy to clean, and affordable.