We Want to Change The Way We Live. Think Sustainable.

Bio Agave provides a real solution to counter plastic pollution and global warming.

• We manufacture bioplastics from agave fibers, which used to be considered agro-industrial waste in the production of agave syrup and tequila.

• This cutting edge technology allows us to reduce the carbon footprint while maximizing the use of natural resources.

• Our products are “USDA Bio Preferred” by the USDA certifies the renewable content of our products. Also, FDA approved as specified in sections CFR 186.1673 and CFR 186.1673 and CFR 177.1520.

Why Choose Bio Agave Products

• Most of our products are biodegradable. This means they will degrade in a common landfill starting in 12 months without special treatment. 

• Other products such as PLA need high heat and moisture, conditions found mainly in special industrial facilities. However, inadequate labeling and lack of infrastructure mean many of these products end up in landfills where they don’t decompose.

• The choice cannot be between bioplastics and food. Unlike disposables made from corn, potato or sugar cane, our raw material is a non-food based by-product. This lowers the risk of food insecurity.

• Think Sustainable: we are converting agro-industrial waste into an eco-friendly product.