I bought these for a party and loved them! I’ve tried most alternative straws out there. Paper and others get soggy and the metal ones are not hygienic. This is by far the best alternative to plastic straw I have tried. This straw does not get soggy and it feels very close to a regular straw.

I LOVE these straws! They are saving the planet and my mouth from the terrible texture of paper straws. They act the same as plastic straws they’re just brown from the Agave. They do not wear out like paper straws. They don’t get super cold like the metal ones, and they look fantastic in your mixed drinks!

The best straw you can ever get , makes you feel like finally somebody did this instead of world polluting plastics or paper substitutes with a cheap feeling in the mouth, worth for the price , it looks little creepy but we explain it to our customers and they love it .

Good Afternoon

As I’m sure you already know, your straws are awesome.The straws are a huge hit here at Boston Marriott Long Wharf.Last time we spoke you mentioned you had an unwrap straw that was coming out and a cocktail straw.Are those available yet?If so,if you could share the order information for them I will place my order.

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